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In 2013 Adobe decided to migrate its products to a subscription service using cloud technology and casting aside the sales through physical channels. That is to say software like Illustrator Dreamweaver Premiere or Photoshop now came to be distributed online. The access path to the most professional creative tools As platform to allow access to all these contents and their updates Adobe Creative Cloud was introduced the client through which the user can acquire and download both Adobe's software and updates and necessary add-ons for each of the programs. This software offers several kinds of subscriptions according to the profile and the needs of the user. You can have complete access to all the catalogue of tools of the company or only to specific ones: Video and audio editing. Image editing. Design. Web design. Different online resources to use in different creative jobs. With Adobe CC you will have access to the most important range of creative tools in the market and you will be in touch with the biggest community of designers and creative workers.

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