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Travel the skies with FlightGear the best flight free simulator for Mac. Put yourself in command of a fleet of aircraft and enjoy the best flight experience you can imagine. Practical applications The objective of FlightGear and of all the volunteers that collaborate in its development is to offer a valid framework for academic use and investigation tasks. It's ideal to train pilots as a tool for aeronautical engineers and for anyone else interested even for pure entertainment. Features of FlightGear Large fleet of aircraft available. More than 20 000 airports. Realistic recreation of scenarios. Includes 3 models of primary dynamics: JSBSim YASim and IUC. Developed over more than 15 years. Multiplatform support. Become familiar with the controls of FlightGear and enjoy piloting the best planes. Download FlightGear for free and experience the sensations of any professional in the air transport sector.

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