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If you are one of those people that compiles information all over the place you will probably have worn out the save to clipboard keys and the poor Windows function unhinged due to overwork. Why not consider changing it for ClipX? This software allows to copy 1024 elements in the clipboard and administrate them. ClipX allows you to capture all that want: text web addresses email photographs ... what's more it store images with a small preview so that when we stop to organize the more than 1000 elements that we can store we can recognize them. This application has dozens of uses specially if we copy and paste lots of things from various sites at the same time for example when we create a document or an e-mail. Because with ClipX we will be able to copy all that we want to include in the document and paste it as we need. As if this wasn't enough ClipX is highly configurable by means of its options menu and in the case that its standard options aren't enough for us we will always be able to add additional options by means of plug-ins.

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