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There are quite a few contenders taking part in the battle to become the instant messaging application of reference. The Asian market is being fought out mainly by LINE and WeChat and it's precisely the latter that wants to take the lead by launching desktop applications just like its most serious rival. One of the most successful messaging clients arrives on Mac WeChat for Mac brings to Apple computers the functions that have allowed it to become one of Asia's favorite applications. Therefore if we already use this app on our phone we're going to be able to make the most of all its features such as private messages group chats video calls voice messages... together with all its other functions that bridge the gap between instant messaging and the social network concept. This is how WeChat stands up to Line its main competition. Features WeChat client for Mac. Use of private messages group chats video calls and voice messages. Option to share multimedia contents on the user's wall. Associated to Facebook. Until now we could enjoy WeChat on both Mac and Windows by means of its web application. With WeChat for Mac we can now do so much more comfortably from our Mac's desktop.

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