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The FTP data transmission standard has been considered at least old for quite a long time but nevertheless is very useful to send and receive a lot of data even more so if we take into account FTP client that are as advanced as FTP Now. Alternative to Filezilla With FTP Now it is possible to be connected to a server and download or upload files to another one something that not many FTP clients allow and nevertheless it is really useful. What's more it allows to drag & drop to move the files and many of the more complicated tasks can be performed with the help of assistants which will help those less knowledgeable about the subject making sure that everything goes well. FTP Now is designed so that it looks like the Windows Explorer so that it will be easier to understand and the learning curve will decrease that together with its options to resume the tasks automatically if these don't finish correctly make FTP Now a very advanced FTP client that is simple to use and customizable.

FTP Now For Windows Download

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