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The Battlestations saga recreates the war between Japan and the United States of America during the '40s and allows you to take control of hundreds of combat units (planes battleships submarines aircraft carriers ...) to fight for one side or the other. Change the course of history in Battlestations Pacific! On this occasion as well as being able to enjoy the campaign mode with more than 28 missions per side we will be able to face each one of the 5 online modes available to play against other users and we will be able to take part in mass water and air games. In Battlestations Pacific you will be able to relive the battles of Borneo the Mariana Islands or Ryukyu on board the Kongo battleships Mitsubishi J2M 'Raiden' fighters or Kuma cruisers. You'll also be able to eliminate the Japanese army in the battles of Guadalcanal or the Marshall islands thanks to the Lexington aircraft carriers the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighters or the Narwhal submarines.

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