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Online games have led to a totally new phenomenon. We're talking about video streaming by means of which gamers from all over the world broadcast their games live or upload videos to the Internet that are later watched by millions of people. Some of them as is the case of Ninja and Fortnite have become true mega-stars thanks to this trend. And that platform that helped this to happen is definitely Twitch available for Android smartphones and iPhone as well as Windows PC and macOS. This service allows us to sign up to broadcast our own games or watch how other gamers play their video games. Watch your favorite video games live Here we can find streams and videos of the best video games including the trendiest new games and those that have always been in fashion: Red Dead Redemption 2 Fortnite PUBG FIFA PES League of Legends Call of Duty… we only have to access any of them and choose between the dedicated channels available the live streams or the uploaded videos. Without a doubt a great resource for those users that enjoy watching the top video game and eSports experts to learn all their arts and crafts. These are the main features of Twitch the most important video game streaming platform in the world: Watch live games through video streaming. Play gameplay and walkthrough videos. Some of them last more than 10 hours. Follow other users. Create your own channel and broadcast your games. Search for content related to your favorite games. Check who's broadcasting and join the stream.

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