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Within the RPG anime genre the Final Fantasy saga occupies a noteworthy place. The first of the titles appeared in 1987 and ever since then there have been dozens of installments including sequels and spin-offs that have been released on different platforms such as NES PS4 Windows PC Android iPhone as well as being the object of the development of animation movies and animes. Recover the throne of Lucis The fifteenth installment of the series was initially going to be called Final Fantasy Versus XIII but it ended up being Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. It's a role-playing action game that takes us to the Kingdom of Lucis where the heir of the throne Noctis Lucis Caelum has been overthrown and consider dead by his enemies having to flee with his friends. Your mission is to recover his crown avenge the death of his father and reunite with his wife-to-be Lunafreya. Furthermore as well as controlling him you can you also handle his friends Prompto Gladiolus and Ignis. FFXV is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis a project within the franchise set in the same universe. In this game you'll explore the realm and collect magical resources to create the most powerful kingdom. For such purpose you'll have to carry out actions such as the following: Play in online collaborative mode with your friends and face up against players from all over the world. Create an army and fight in real time. Create your own guild or join a powerful one. Design collaborative strategies with your guild to face up against your enemies. Explore the kingdom and bring together all sorts of resources to build an empire. Take control of the Crystal to achieve greater military power. Build a city and increase its power. This is the version for Android mobile devices although it has also been released for iPhone Windows and PlayStation. There are plenty of users that have already downloaded it so you won't have any problems finding a guide of the game with cheats for this version of Final Fantasy to help you defeat Idola Adercapt Emperor of Niflheim and his armies.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire For Android Download

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