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Mobile phones have made the clicker game genre quite popular games in which we only have to reach achievements by clicking or tapping out screen with quite a few successful titles that make use of this gameplay. This one here is a rather peculiar RPG game that also makes use of clicking all over the place since this method can be adapted to any genre. We're talking about Endless Frontier RPG Online. A game that combines the RPG and idle clicker genres In Endless Frontier for Android we'll travel to a faraway time when there was a great battle that never appears in history books. In that battle the Knightage of Dimension was defeated by the Prince of Darkness and Erin who was commanding the troops vowed to return to beat him. Well now it's time for vengeance and your mission is to recover the lost glory. Despite being a clicker game we're really talking about an online role-playing game as you'll soon realize once you download its APK. You'll take part in fierce battles in which you'll have to face up to hundreds of enemies who wish to stop you. You'll have to user weapons magic spells and all sorts of devices to beat them just as you would in any classic RPG whilst you improve your skills to be able to face up to increasingly powerful enemies. Revive and defeat the Prince of Darkness. Main features These are the main features and functions of this game: Take part in exciting and eye-catching battles. Win gold in your missions to purchase new weapons and powers. Over 4 000 different scenarios. Revive time and time again... as many times as necessary. Over 100 different units for your troops with all sorts of skills: increase your level reinforce your soldiers and make them evolve. Face up to final bosses: there are over 20. Acquire special skills such as a shower of lightning. Take part in dynamic online PvP battles and get hold of gems and other gifts. It's a role-playing idle clicker game that offers us something different to what we're used to seeing. So if you're a fan of the RPG genre don't hesitate to give this Endless Frontier for mobile an opportunity.

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