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This title developed by the FourThirtyThree studio halfway between action adventure sport and combat games gives us a fantastic experience in which we can feel the thrill of archery on the back of a horse. It is an exquisite title that aims to imitate the real experience of archery as best as possible. And although it falls very short compared to real sport it is a wonderful game. Exciting archery battles on horseback This first-person action game focuses on archery duels on horseback. We will have to face other players or play against the machine in its four game modes: Duel. Raid. Campaign. Survival. The combat system is amazing although it is limited to two basic controls. We must aim the bow with the accelerometer of our Android device while to tighten the rope and shoot the arrow we must drag the finger back. In this sense they have included an excellent detail that is very realistic and if the rope is stretched for too long the shot won't be good. And this happens to all real archers. Become a lethal archer We have to aim properly to be more deadly. The most effective shots are those that are aimed at the head although we will also cause damage if we attack the body or the mount of our opponent. The duel ends when the bar of one of the players reaches zero. Enter the arena to fight global players in this real-time PvP action game! Before we begin we must choose whether we want to handle a male or female archer. Also as we move forward in the game we can get new pieces for our kit and of course new bows that are more lethal. What's more we can improve the appearance of our protagonist and their statistics as well as our saddle. As for the graphics developers have opted for some comic book designs offering us a fantastic and very cool atmosphere that matches the rest of the experience. If you are into archery you will like Battle of Arrow. Just don't expect something very similar to the actual experience of shooting a bow. The game is very cool but it's still a game.

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