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The continuous use of a computer usually leads to its malfunctioning becoming sluggish when it comes to running different internal processes. In other words as time goes by it starts losing its initial speed. However you can optimize its performance with a program of the likes of FonePaw MacMaster a powerful Mac cleaner. Clean your Mac in depth and bring it back to its initial status For such purpose it comes along with a series of functions that allow us to bring the computer back to a status of optimal functioning including some that may affect the protection of the user’s privacy. These are its main features: Keep an eye on your computer knowing the status of your system in real time. Completely remove online and offline cache data to protect your privacy. Safely remove unwanted files such as cache files recycling bin contents locations logs… you’ll release storage space whilst you will also make your Mac work faster. Search for the cache of images failed iTunes downloads updates and old backups… delete them all and release space. Problems with your email storage space? Remove all those old messages you no longer need. Safely uninstall applications removing any junk files from your hard drive. With this tool developed by FonePaw you can keep full control over the performance of your Mac being able to make the most of better features for your Apple computer. And all the latter thanks to MacMaster which also offers us a practical design turning it into a really useful tool.

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