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MMORPG games full of legendary heroes epic stories and dungeons guarded by underworld creatures have always been in fashion not only now. So for all those users that miss that 80s' and get all nostalgic about pixels and that are also fans of role-playing games here comes Bit Heroes. It's an 8-bit adaptation that tries to gather all the essence of the games of back then recreating their graphical aspect and the basic movements of the characters... and it does so very well. A classic RPG for Android devices That's exactly what you'll have once you download this APK to your smartphone or tablet: an adventure in which your mission is all about building a team that will fight by your side having to collect money to help you recruit new heroes. Loads of missions and weekly events are waiting for you in an adventure that will take you back to the times of your Amstrad Spectrum or NES to continue exploring dungeons. Here everything will make you feel very young... or very old. Resorting to the past and nostalgia is all OK but what's the point of not making the most of the modern technology to increase our amusement? That's probably what it developers must have thought and that's why they've included online multiplayer functions that would have been a revolution if they existed 25 or 30 years ago. Full retro adventure. Four playing areas with over 52 randomly-generated levels. Thousands of parts to be combined to get hold of money. Capture and evolve more than 100 creatures that you can use to fight with. Equip all sorts of fantastic animals: from tiny unicorns to floating pizzas. Build a team with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Upgrade your guild from within the store... here's where you'll have to pay but only if you want. Take part in a chat room with players from all over the world. Listen to the game's chiptune soundtrack. The game can be downloaded to your device for free and don't forget to check forums and wikis to find hacks and cheats that will definitely make the game easier.

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