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Email accounts profiles on social networks virtual banking... we use a wide range of online services for which we have to remember many passwords. You surely know that it isn't safe to use the same one for all of them but using different ones require a very good memory. The sensation of having a single password for everything. To avoid this problem and your more than likely forgetfulness you can turn to password management programs like 1Password. With this software and a single password you can automatically and safely access any online service you usually use. What it does is store them all and manage them so that you can use them whenever you need to. Main features Automatically fills in passwords. Automatic password generator. Use your own patterns to generate them. Create password groups to share with relatives or workmates. Generate independent password groups. Audit your security periodically. Share them via messaging services or email or straight between the security vaults created. Synchronize them with all your devices. Stop worrying about the safety of your accounts and the integrity of your passwords.

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