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Learning how to code can be quite complicated which is why we're always happy to hear about new methods to help us learn in a fun entertaining and relaxed manner. That's the idea behind Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free the application developed by Google's Area 21. Learn JavaScript whilst you play For the time being the application is aimed at offering us the chance to learn how to code in JavaScript in a gradual manner and making use of a concept known as gamification. With this app we will face up to different games that offer puzzles and riddles in which we'll have to apply all the knowledge we've acquired. Each level will help us to settle and reinforce different concepts without having to make too much effort just as if we were following an ordinary lesson. Learn to code in JavaScript and settle your knowledge as you complete different levels. Main features These are the main features of this app for future coders: Visual puzzles and challenges to help to settle and develop coding skills and knowledge. Gradual approach to different JavaScript coding standards. Real-time feedback from a virtual teacher who will guide us through the process step-by-step. We'll receive awards and achievements as we acquire new skills. For the time being its APK only offers us the chance to learn JavaScript but we'll have to keep an eye out in case Google decides to add other development languages in the future such as Java C or Python to name just a few of them. And just in case you were wondering. Grace Hopper is one of the most important names in the history of computing. The American scientist was one of the first women in this field and Grasshopper has received its name in her honor with quite a witty play of words.

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