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There's no need to be a photo processing expert to be able to enhance images and achieve excellent results. You only need to get hold of an app of the likes of Photolemur. The technology included in this tool for Mac (which also has a version for Windows) is capable of automatically improving the quality of any picture. Fix and optimize your images The application's AI algorithms analyze the different aspects that may affect the quality of a photo and fix and balance them to offer us results similar to those obtained by an editing professional. It works as a standalone application but also as a plug-in for Adobe's most important software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. These are the main features that we'll find in this software to enhance and fix photos: Color recovery. Exposure compensation and balance. Smart dehaze. Color enhancement. Noise reduction. RAW processing. Natural light correction. We're offering you to download the trial version with which you can retouch any image. The full version adds some interesting functions such as the possibility to process pictures in batches of over a thousand files at once.

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