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Do you know how accurate your Android’s GPS is? Do you know if the sensors in your phone are damaged or if they are working correctly? We are guessing these questions had never crossed your mind until this precise moment. Don’t worry; you are not alone it is the same for most of us. It never occurs to us that our GPS that tool we so blindly trust can stop working properly. With GPS Status users can check at any time not only the health status of their phone sensors but also if satellites work and provide coverage to their devices. Leaving it at that however would be extremely simplistic. This tool aims to go much further and become an indispensable companion for its users’. More than just a diagnostic tool GPS Status can also work as a compass and help us to establish routes. Moreover developers did an excellent job of making it look like a magnetic compass. Users can enter the coordinates that the application provides in Google Maps and cross-navigate thanks to GPS Status’ support for split screen. GPS Status is the Swiss Army knife of mobile geolocation. These are some of its main features: Compass calibration. Data on GPS screen and sensors. Possibility to save and share map coordinates. Integrated split-screen support. Magnetic compass emulation and true north function. By and large GPS Status offers very complete information. There is no doubt that this app can work perfectly as a complement to our traditional GPS; also saving and sharing coordinates with our contacts is much easier with GPS Status than with most known applications.

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