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Android and iOS have proven to be excellent platforms to meet people from all over the world as we've already seen with loads of different apps especially those that you can use to flirt and find your significant other as is the case of Badoo happn or Tinder that bring together people from different countries almost instantly. Fast and easy: tap a button and start meeting people In Melon you've only got to sign up with your Facebook user account. From that moment onwards you'll be able to start meeting new people by simply pressing a button. You'll decide how you're interested in meeting and from where... just decide who you want to chat with. You can make use of a user profile where you can provide your photo place of residence sex and a short personal description. Establish automatic video chat conversations. Communicate by means of text videos or photos. Add friends to your history and talk to them continuously. Use search filters to be more selective when it comes to choosing whom to chat with. Use the moderation tools if you want a safe conversation. Engage with anyone around the world by just tapping a button. The application can be used for free but to be able to use fine-tuned filters on your searches you need to pay for them. In other words if you want to find someone of a specific gender to chat with (because we all know that you're going to use this app to flirt) you have to pay to get hold of some tokens. The fact is that this app stands out for how easy it is to establish a video chat conversation which is its most noteworthy aspect if you decide to install its APK.

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