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Microsoft's online storage service OneDrive now has an official application for Mac. The latter will allow us to access its functions and our files stored on the cloud from our computer's desktop. Possibly the best cloud storage service. SkyDrive had to change its name in Europe by force of Law and Microsoft renamed it all over the world as OneDrive. This application still includes all the features that made its previous version one of the most efficient online storage services. Our access to these files as well as adding and modifying them or the app's synchronization between devices can be carried out very easily thanks to a simple interface and perfect integration into the operating system. Features Capacity of 15 GB that can be expanded for free. Integration into Finder. Easy system to add contents by means of the drag & drop method. Select the files that you want to synchronize with the application. Yet another Mac application The developers of OneDrive have put in a lot of effort into creating an application that the users of Apple's machine would find as natural as any other program they are used to using. That's why the latter blends perfectly into the OS X environment becoming probably one of the best online storage applications for Mac.

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