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Bethesda is the company behind titles of the likes of Fallout or the award-winning series of role-playing games The Elder Scrolls with its popular episodes such as Daggerfall Morrowind Oblivion or Skyrim. And now it's the turn for Android where we can finally make the most of a title of this saga designed specifically for this platform. Blades The Elder Scrolls game for Android Therefore we're talking about a title that's part of the role-playing video game saga and that offers us the same system with a huge scenario that we'll explore in first person. With surprising graphics and great playability we'll become elite Empire agents forced into exile. On our return to our place of birth we'll find it totally devastated. A chapter of The Elder Scrolls with a story developed exclusively for mobile devices. That's the plot on which The Elder Scrolls: Blades is based and that promises to be as impressive as other chapters of this same series. These are its main features: Fulfill missions and become a hero in your city by taking part in new single-player stories. Build your city once again to bring back its greatness. Fight against your enemies and rivals in epic 1v1 online combats on the Arena. Create characters and discover unique weapons armors and skills. Learn its advanced combat system and explore the never-ending abyss.

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