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What would you do if you went on a blind date? Well you've now got the chance to check it out in this game similar to the older conversational adventures that appeared in 2004 as an alternative reality game project of the likes of Second Life or The Sims. We're talking about Date Ariane for Android that also comes along with versions for Windows and Mac. And yes this is the perfect game for any forever alone. A blind date that will depend on how you behave In any case regardless of whether you're going to end up single your aim is to bring your date with Ariane to a positive outcome. How? Well simple: from the very precise moment that she opens her front door and you introduce yourself you'll have to choose the correct action. You'll have to do whatever you consider appropriate to make sure she doesn't put an end to the date so don't be boring but don't push your luck too much either. In other words virtue is the middle course. The game is basically about making decisions and choosing we want to do based on Ariane's questions and suggestions. As it's a blind date the game can end up with you both naked or simply installed in the friend zone. This adventure has been translated into several languages such as English French Portuguese German and Spanish. However you won't be able to download its APK from Google Play (it probably didn't get through the content filter) so feel free to download it from Malavida.

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