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The launch of the first PlayStation was a watershed - it heralded Sony’s full entrance into the world of video games superseding the until then all-powerful SEGA. And it did so thanks to a powerful computer and an attractive game catalog which you can now recover thanks to PSOne emulators for Android emulators such as psx4droid. A PSX emulator for Android This is a simple PlayStation game emulator for mobile devices that offers a minimalist user interface which allows users to browse through the system’s folder tree and load ROMs which have been downloaded (and which are obviously not included in the APK) as well as allowing you to configure different features of the emulation: Controls Screen-size buttons Image quality Adapted to low-performance devices Keyboard shortcuts Nostalgia is a big thing both in the individual and in the culture. We often want to go back to where we were and sometimes we romanticize about stuff that was not actually that good. This is not the case with these classic games. They were actually really good and continue to be really good. Going back to them certainly involves an element of nostalgia but it also involves an appreciation for real quality – for games that were great then and great now games that have stood the test of time. So if you miss the old classics like Need For Speed Silent Hill Crash Bandycoot or any of the Final Fantasy saga download this first PlayStation emulator now.

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