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SuperTuxKart is an open-source racing game that copies the style of the classic Super Mario Kart that was a complete success when it was launched on the market but substituting the characters created by Nintendo for the different mascots used in the most famous Linux programs and distributions as well as the world-famous Tux the Linux penguin. Car racing game featuring Tux One of the most noteworthy features of the game are the graphics that don't have anything to envy from similar themed children games because from the first moment the developers have put special emphasis on the development of the mascots as well as the karts that they drive. SuperTuxKart includes several game mode that range from Quick Races to Challenges in which you have to fulfil a final objective in these game modes we'll have the possibility to take part in several championships as well as competing on more than 10 different tracks. Furthermore we will also have the possibility to configure the difficulty of the rivals and define up to four different control sets combining gamepads and keyboard with the possibility for all four of these players to play on the same computer. So choose your mascot press the accelerator don't forget to pick up the bonuses and the nitro liquid and try to complete all the challenges that you will encounter in SuperTuxKart.

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