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Kim Dotcom always seems to rise from his ashes. One of his projects is called MEGA and it provides us with a generous amount of cloud storage space. All users with a MEGA account should download MEGAsync its official client for Mac. Simplify how you manage files stored on MEGA. Nowadays hard drives have more than enough capacity to store all our files. But the usefulness of cloud storage services such as MEGA is undeniable. Being able to have backups on the cloud sharing contents with other users or having access to our files from any place with an Internet connection are some of its advantages. MEGA's official client to synchronize your PC with the cloud So as to feel more comfortable when it comes to copying files on your PC to MEGA's online storage space you can now make use of MEGAsync. This tool comes along with the following features: Quick transfer of files. Security mechanisms for both the transfer and online storage. Flexibility when it comes to deciding which contents have to be synchronized (accepts parallel processes). With MEGAsync for Mac computers your cloud storage space had never been so close.

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