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This game drops us straight into the Pacific theatre of World War II when the Japanese fleet attacked the island of Midway. Many historians believe that the Battle of Midway changed the course of the war and of history. In 1942 you will get to fly P-38 planes and will have to defeat the Japanese air force in an adventure with classic hues and an improved and remastered retro look. A thrilling air battle in the Pacific theatre of the Second World War. Fly different types of fighter planes The playability of this game is as easy as it is addictive. Your objective is to destroy all of the planes that appear on the screen with your fighter plane. The plane’s gun fires automatically so your goal is to move quickly around the screen and avoid being shot down. You have four guns at your disposal all of which can be upgraded: Precision gun Scatter gun Regular gun Rocket gun The plane’s movements are fluid and fast which is just as well given that the screen fills up with enemy planes and enemy fire comes in from all over the place. Also just like in similar games you will ultimately have to take on gigantic final enemies (basically really big planes) and then take them down. Explore different geographic regions unlock new planes with different powers and participate in weekly events. It is a simple game but the graphics really work and it is pretty complete.

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