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Stickman Creative Killer makes use of one of the most typical plots for classic platform and adventure games: you have to rescue a kidnapped friend. This is an excellent game that combines the adventure and action genres in which we'll have to be very skilful moving around at the same time as clever when it comes to killing our enemies. A game that will keep you hooked due to its graphics. Features Adventure game full of action. Make use of different settings elements to protect yourself against your enemies. Collect weapons and objects with which you can face different dangers. Appealing minimalistic graphics. Apparently simple graphics for frenetic action One of the most noteworthy aspects of Stickman Creative Killer are undoubtedly its graphics. The latter emulate a minimalistic scenario on which the main characters seem to be sketched out. The movements and action of our character are also outstanding. With the help of his weapons and other objects picked up on the way our character will have to manage to kill off every single enemy he comes across. Download Stickman Creative Killer for Android and live action on a large scale.

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