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We all use different web applications throughout the day: email cloud storage note apps social networks... can you imagine having them all together under the same interface? Well that's precisely what Wavebox offers us. Improve your productivity and your computer's performance This program is a desktop client that offers the user access to the web services used on a daily basis. It does so by emulating their interface and allowing us to quickly switch from one service to another making our workflow much more productive. These are the main features included in this program for Mac (that also has versions for Windows and Linux): Unified view of all services. Unified access from the same interface. Compatible with Gmail Google Drive Trello Slack Microsoft Office Dropbox Evernote GitHub Feedly Facebook Messenger WhatsApp… Separate notifications: only receive alerts from the app that generates them. Usage stats and data for each application. Support for several users and workgroups. Not only is it a great way to increase our productivity when working on a computer but also to improve our PC's performance. In fact the resource consumption regarding a browser of the likes of Chrome can drop about 90%.

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