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Instagram is one of the greatest cases of success in the world of social networks. Ever since Facebook took notice of its potential and purchased what used to be an appealing platform to share photos it has become one of the most used social networks all over the world. And to be able to manage its functions comfortably from our Mac desktop without resorting to the official app or web version we can download Flume. An Instagram client that stands out for its design This alternative Instagram client for macOS comes along with a series of interesting functions as well as a well-designed interface. It's an alternative to the official Instagram desktop client that stands out for its usability. These are its main functions and features offered by the app: Share photos on your profile. Manage several profiles at once. Read stats about the performance of your publications. Send DMs. Check your activity. Design focused on images and contents. View the images in their original sizes. Advanced function and improved search. Explore contents receiving suggestions. Configure mouse gestures. Translate publications to your language. Obviously some of these functions require a paid subscription but it might be worth using such a complete Instagram client.

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