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There are many social networks beyond Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Sometimes none of these big fish offer you the content that you are really into. If you like video games and want to connect with people who share your passion Moot is for you. This is where you can discuss video games have fun with meme themes find friends to play with online share your game stats and customize your profile with fun stuff. But above all you will be able to get in touch with like-minded people who share your tastes and concerns about video games. Moot is the main app for anyone who plays video games Your video-game social network Would you like to be the first to find out the latest on your favorite video game? Communicate privately with other users? Read and share content about the games you have most enjoyed? In this app you will find all that and much more. For example there are also groups sorted by themes competitions and a range of chat rooms on the currently most popular video games like Fortnite Call of Duty Overwatch or Red Dead Redemption. In addition you will find guides and memes on the games you like most and get Moot coins in order to spice up your profile a wee bit with fun stickers and tags. Meanwhile you will be able to stay connected on your PC and on the official web page.

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