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Do you like animals? In Pet Hotel you will be able to enjoy a whole bunch of them. This is a game for Android where you can look after animals and run a lovely pet hotel. If you download and try out the game you will find colorful settings with nice 3D visuals where you can have fun looking after a bunch of furry friends by feeding washing leaving water petting and caring for them as if they were your very own pets. Main features You will be able to look after cats dogs horses hamsters and chinchillas. The game includes missions which allow you to get money and progress in the game. With the money you get you will be able to buy toys and other stuff in order to improve the lives of your animals. The hotel can grow and upgrade with new habitats for pets and different breeds of animals. This is principally a game for kids. So we need to warn you that there is a bunch of in-app purchases and advertising in this game and that your little ones might cut a large hole in mom and dad’s credit card in order to make sure their animals are well cared for. Ergo while they are taking care of their pets you should take care of your credit card details in order to make sure their passion for pets and other animals doesn’t bump your bank balance.

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