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Regarding the most used browsers by Internet users the last one to arrive has been the browser powered by Google. And despite being the last one to be launched aspects such as its simplicity speed and stability have turned it into one of the favorites for users. Download Google Chrome and find out why. The success of Google Chrome now on Mac Google Chrome for Mac presents the same discrete design and the same features that have turned its Windows version into one of the most important ones. It brings together conditions such as the independence of open processes that have turned it into a totally stable tool for browsing. Together with its reduced response time and other functions that make browsing much easier Google Chrome has become the rival to beat by the rest of browsers. The most stable rapid and secure browsing. Main features High speed to carry out tasks started by the browser. Great stability thanks to the independence of processes. Integrated language translator. Secure browsing with integration of a danger warning system. Possibility to add new features by means of plug-ins. Integrated download manager. Compatible with the most popular web standards. Most visited sites on the Home screen. Synchronization of bookmarks history and settings with your Google user account. Design is one of the keys to success Part of Google Chrome's success is due to control simplification. It presents an interface reduced to the minimum extent but that however doesn't involve any problems for the user to carry out all sorts of ordinary browsing operations. This has allowed Google to reach the core of the computers made by Apple one of its greatest rivals. Download Google Chrome free for Mac and enjoy the best browsing experience on your computer. What's new in the latest version Silent notifications. Changes to cookie management.

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