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Most of us usually like games with a minimalistic design. We don't really know why and it doesn't even matter what genre we're talking about: sports strategy platforms... and also fighting games of course. We only have to think about all those Stickman games or this Minibash for instance. Online fights with plenty of strategy It's a game that combines fights and strategy in which we'll design our fighter a badly-drawn ragdoll by adjusting all his body dimensions. Our fighting skills will depend greatly on how we design him. And precisely the most eye-catching aspect of this game is the exchange of blows punches and kicks in turns that will have a lot to do with our strategy: mainly because depending on how we've designed our fighter he will hit out in one way or another (we'll have to direct the trajectory of each punch and kick) with the intention to knock down our rival and cope with his attacks. Design the perfect fighter that also knows how to defend himself. By the way the game will put us up against other online players randomly... so we recommend you to take a look at any of the gameplay videos on YouTube to find out how to play before you go running to download this APK file to your Android device.

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