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At school were you hopeless at any subject that was even slightly related to art? Did you find artistic or technical drawing a thousand times more difficult than the most complex mathematical operations? Well believe it or not there is still hope for you. Learn how to draw all of the models following the step-by-step method These days you can use your Android smartphone or tablet to learn the principals of drawing with applications like How to draw. It will give you access to hundreds of models for getting started in this artistic discipline by following a step-by-step process. Main features Simple method for learning how to draw using steps which anyone child or adult will be able to follow. The app includes drawings classified as simple in order to start from a base. There are all kinds of fun drawings to draw sorted into categories: animals airplanes birds cars cats dinosaurs dogs fantasy characters etc. Users can create their own drawing right on the screen. You will see how thanks to this application you will start tracing a few simple lines and end up with an accomplished finished drawing with very good proportions.

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