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Pocket World 3D is a nice little puzzle game that entertains educates and relaxes. It's based on the construction of dioramas of traditional buildings and structures from different parts of the world: United States Netherlands Germany United Kingdom Japan... each diorama represents one of the famous buildings and illustrates local customs to the user. A game of puzzles and dioramas This is both an entertaining and relaxing puzzle game where you have to upload pieces to place them correctly and in the correct order. Little by little you will shape buildings that depending on the level you're in will be more or less challenging. All you need to do is rotate the three-dimensional board from the top and slide the lower carousel across to see the pieces you have. There are hundreds of levels available. Main Features: Exploit your creativity and logical thinking by building dioramas. Explore iconic buildings from different places on the planet. Get clues when you get stuck. 3D view. Augmented reality function to mix your creations with the real world.

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