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Usually in action games full of stunts our objective is to make sure that main character completes all his tricks safe and sound without suffering any harm. In Stickman Dismounting it's totally the opposite the more traumas and broken bones that this stickman has the more points you'll score. A violent but relaxing game. By downloading the APK of this game to your Android smartphone you'll face different levels with a common element: settings that endanger the physical integrity of our character. Hit him or push him rolling down stairs make him bump into walls or crash into wrecking balls. Everything is worth breaking his bones. Main features Game based on the laws of physics. Face your stickman to dangerous situations that will never have a positive outcome. 15 different levels with scenarios full of dangers. Possibility to purchase vehicles to inflict more damage. Three possible characters: simple large and zombie. Crunchy sound effects for when our character breaks his bones.

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