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There's plenty of competition in the field of vector graphics design and that's precisely where Affinity Designer is trying to make itself a name. It's a program that tries making the process as smooth fast and accurate as possible. Prepared for the design of advertising material or web pages as well as interfaces. It's equipped with features that turn it into a very useful tool that turn it into a very useful and powerful tool. Nevertheless it has been designed to make the most of 64-bit processors as well as to take advantage of development technologies such as OpenGL Central Dispatch and Core Graphics. Main features of Affinity Designer Real-time performance with gradients and 60-fps panning and zoom. Optimized for any sort of complex zoom. Live pixel and retina view for vector art. Easily swap tools. 16-bit/channel color editing. CMYK LAB RGB and greyscale professional color models. Solid vector tools. Apply effects automatically. Blend modes image adjustments and raster and vector masks to use on all designs. Flexible text management. Workspaces optimized according to the design field. All in all a versatile and stable tool for the most demanding creative works.

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