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Rise of the Blobs For Android Reviews

Rise of the Blobs is the second game by Robot Invader an original puzzle pastime that will soon be present on all the smartphones of the fans of this genre. Download Rise of the Blobs and discover this addictive puzzle game for Android. Not another 'Match 3' puzzle game. Originality isn't always part of many of the applications that we install on our Android. This is not the case of Rise of the Blobs which on the contrary pushes the boundaries of arcade puzzle games even further. The game consists in a three dimensional puzzle that turns while you add pieces of fruit to the blocks of the same color. Place fruit on the colored blocks. Rise of the Blobs features Three dimensional puzzle game. Simple gameplay but not easy. You must always know your next move to avoid the blocks becoming more than you can handle. Various game modes available. Power-ups that can help you solve sticky situations. Download Rise of the Blobs free for Android. You can play an addictive puzzle game in an attractive 3D environment.

Rise of the Blobs For Android Download

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