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Minecraft has marked a milestone in the video game world and has a great influence on many successful games that have come after as is the case of Fortnite that also includes crafting functions. And there are obviously many games inspired by this title one of which is this RealmCraft. Explore and craft in this Minecraft-like sandbox game And this game here is more or less the same: a sandbox video game with pixellated graphics in which we have to create and destroy blocks freely explore our surroundings collect resources to be used to build weapons and tools build constructions and shelters fight against our enemies... and where you can also play online with your friends and other users. It's a really decent alternative to Mojang and Microsoft's game that basically offers us these functions and features: Explore the video game's scenario freely and that also goes for its underground mine world. Create all sorts of tools including vehicles. Build constructions and shelters to hide from your enemies. Three game modes: survival creative and multiplayer. Create and destroy absolutely anything. Collect resources to survive.

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