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Ever since Facebook decided to give Instagram a boost after realizing it couldn't buy Snapchat this picture social network has grown into one of the most used and popular on the planet. It has many users both regular folk and corporate who use it for their social networking needs. Extra functions for your Instagram client The thing is that the offical app is lacking in some respects and that is why there are MODs out there like Insta Aero which allow users to get different features which you don't even get a hint of on Instagram. These are the of the main ones: See profile photos in HD quality. Dowload profile photos. Avoid automatic video play or turn it on by pressing the camera button at the top of the interface. Fast forward or rewind videos. Hide already-viewed DMs. Hide already-viewed stories. Hide 'writing...' status. Open links from the app. Copy biographies and comments. If you want to enjoy Insta Aero you just need to know that there are two versions: Clone and Unclone. The first is for using it simultaneously with the Instagram app while the second is for using it on its own.

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