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Jesse Makkonen is a video game developer who made his name indie world thanks to his title Distraint which had great success on Steam since its launch in 2015. Following its PC version the video consoles and mobile phone versions arrived and he even created a second part. Today we present the Android version of the first part. We are faced with an adventure game of psychological fear with a dark touch and a lot of black humor. The story is as follows: Price the main character arrives at a strange property with the mission of evicting an old woman. There paranormal phenomena begin to occur. With such a story the player will not be able to resist. Main Characteristics Simple game mode which allows you to move from left to right while solving the puzzles. Two-dimensional hand-drawn graphics. Gentle music capable of immersing the player in history. Although developed for PC the game adapts very well to touch screens. Players will find a surprising story with great turns. You can record the game at certain points during the adventure. Price can carry a small inventory of three objects that you can use in the puzzles

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