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TikTok Wall Picture For Android Reviews

TikTok has the LivePhoto feature that allows you to download a video and set it as movement wallpaper for your Android device. However it is necessary to have the appropriate add-on and it is no other than TikTok Wall Picture. TikTok's add-on to set videos as wallpapers This is a fast app that works together with the appication of the social network. To use it simply follow these steps: Step 1: open TikTok and touch on the share option of the video you like. Step 2: scroll the lower options ribbon to the right until you find the LivePhoto option and click on it. It will be added to your gallery. Step 3: now go to Wall Picture in TikTok and choose it so that it is set as your wallpaper. In this way you can have all the TikTok videos you like as wallpapers in Android and thus customize your phone a little bit more. However keep in mind that it consumes more battery than using a static wallpaper.

TikTok Wall Picture For Android Download

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