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As with mobile phones there are smartwatches from top brandnames and others from brands you've never heard of. The latter will present more difficulties for users when it comes to having a good eco-system of apps which can be matched up with their smartphones. In these cases you can go to Lefun Health. Register and monitor your physical activity This application supports a range of smartphone brands and enables us to monitor different biometric indicators in our bodies while presenting it all on an attractive interface. Design is sober and functional the interface in dark tones with real-time data like the following: Number of steps taken by the end of the day. Hours of sleep. Distance covered by the user. Heart rate per minute. Calories consumed. Blood pressure. And it also has the following features: Data history record. Personal records. Trend summary. Allows you to set targets. Hydration rest and activity reminders. Share records with other apps. The app is supported by different devices. Just tap on the search button to find them and sync them up.

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