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Cannon Shot! For Android Reviews

Cannon Shot! is yet another casual game for Android with which we can have fun and keep ourselves entertained at any moment of the day with a simple gameplay and easy-to-understand concepts at everyone’s reach. Here we’ll simply have to shoot our cannon and try to get all the balls inside the bucket located at the end of each level. Aim shoot and get the balls in the bucket… So where’s the difficulty? Well it basically lies in the fact that we’ll never be able to get those balls directly into the bucket because there will be different obstacles to avoid and we’ll have to make use of mobile platforms to make our balls rebound in order to reach our goal. Luckily enough we’ll have more balls than necessary to complete each screen therefore we can muck around with the placement of the elements around the screen without worrying about being blocked. Of course the idea is to fill the buckets with as many balls as possible to be able to win the 3 stars awarded on each level although the difficulty will obviously grow as we make progress making it more and more complicated to reach our goal.

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