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Stickman games have become a genre of themselves where we can find all sorts of titles: platforms fighting adventures... And someone has come up with the idea of combining the typical stickman aesthetics with Dragon Ball's anime elements. The result is this Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight a fighting game with characters that fly around and shoot lightning bolts at each other. The unofficial stickman game based on Dragon Ball However don't expect any official names or anything similar: the game isn't licensed. Therefore if you're looking for a fun game don't hesitate to download it but forget about finding all the original characters... Goku is called Zoku by the way. These are the main features of this fighting game: Game with very simple controls: move your character with your left hand and all the attacks with your right hand. 20 levels to be completed. Over 50 final bosses. Plenty of challenges on each level. Character to be collected and updated.

Stick Z: Super Dragon Fight For Android Download

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