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In Paradise Bay you'll be in command of your own tropical island. Your mission is to explore it in order to find new lands and build a village and enough equipment for its inhabitants. Furthermore you'll have a crew of assistants that will help you to build a rich and wealthy port. Civilize your tropical island It's a management game similar to those about building and improving cities but this one has been developed by King the same guys behind Candy Crush and co. Therefore there are loads of tacky characters to deal with as well as all the typical features of this kind of game: Create and customize your own tropical paradise. Explore and expand your domains to unlock the secrets hidden on the island. Collect lost parts of the map to help you discover new regions of the world. Discover and breed animals on the island. Purchase and sell objects in the market. Take a plunge into the sea depths to discover treasures lost at high seas. As you build more and more constructions you'll be able to discover new actions and facilities to equip your island and increase the game's possibilities.

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