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Whatever type of game you like to play when you hang out with family and friends you will just love POKO. This is a very straightforward and easy-to-use social videogame platform where you can contact other online players to play against. You will be able to play dozens of games of all kinds both one on one and against other players depending on the type of game. It works as a social network where you can make friends to play with talk to them and check out if they are online. You can also invite friends to play instantly. Challenge your friends on POKO and show off your gaming skills. Available games POKO includes many fun games to satisfy every player such as platform games racing games sports games board games classic games… games galore! In POKO you will find games for everyone including the following: Juice Master: a one against one Fruit Ninja type of game. PUNO 4P: a card game very similar to ONE. Good pass: a foosball type of game. A golf game and a basketball game. LUDO: the classic Parcheesi. A version of 2048. Classic games such as chess checkers and connect 5. And many more that you will discover as you explore the app such as The Clowns Sumo Crazy Crush Gun Fight and Sushi Master.

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