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Movie and TV series fans currently have a wide range of resources to be able to make the most of their hobby. One of them is CineTrak an Android application with which we can discover movies and share what we're watching with our friends. Discover movies and series thanks to this huge user community With this app you can discover future premieres or movies and series that you may like according to what you've already seen. You can also recommend them to your mates or simply check the huge amount of data and information offered by the app. These are the main functions of this app: Discover the best movies and TV series. Bookmark the movies or episodes you've seen and tell your friends. Create and manage your own lists. Become part of a community with over a million users. Choose which movies are likely to win an Oscar. Create collections and keep track of every movie you watch. Keep up with all the latest movie and TV premieres. Check other users' opinions and give yours. Take part in events and check statistics. Thanks to CineTrak you'll never run out of ideas of what to watch at the cinema on Netflix or on HBO.

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