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If racing games weren't fun enough we can now also carry out all sorts of stunts and flips to make them even more interesting. That's exactly what Extreme City GT Racing Stunts is about a car racing game for Android smartphones and tablets in which we'll compete in a city doing all sorts of impossible manoeuvres. Surrealistic tracks that will lead you to the most stunning stunts. A frenetic racing game in a 3D environment The game offers us stunning 3D scenarios that we'll race around at full throttle. We'll have to dodge obstacles and cars while we make the most of the track's nature to do impossible jumps and skids. All the latter at a devilish speed only reachable using nitro. Possibility to play with and without nitro. Different cars to choose from. Impossible tracks for the best stunts. Race around different circuits. Record your best manoeuvres and watch them later on.

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