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TikTok's success is based on amongst other things the way it presents its content; a vertical video loop which allows users to quickly browse all of its content. Another factor of course is the immediacy with which it allows videos to be shared. Videos that last a few seconds and a polished design: the successor to Vine byte has taken the idea of the popular Asian social network and taken it up a notch: even shorter videos facilitating quick viewing (and therefore their potential for going viral) and a more polished layout more elegant where users can browse different categories in a more orderly manner. After completing a quick registration process you will have access to functions like the following: Browse 6-second videos uploaded by other users. Share and repost videos. Follow other users. Comment on videos. Make videos and upload them to your profile page. Explore content by browsing categories. Download the app now and find out what this social network has to offer especially if you are tired of TikTok and pick up the baton of the now-departed Vine. This app has been launched for a reason.

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