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Hola Fake GPS For Android Reviews

If you want to spoof your mobile device's location you can download Hola Fake GPS. But why would you want to fake your location? Well basically to play pranks pretending that you're somewhere else but it also to trick applications that make use of geolocation to provide their services. Spoof your location with this application One of the most recent famous cases had to do with Pokémon GO a game that is based on the user's geolocation. By faking our position on the map we could catch Pokémons from other locations to add them to our collection. Well the same goes for other apps that don't provide their services where you are and which you can now access thanks to Hola Fake GPS. However does it really make sense to order food from a service that doesn't operate in your town? To make it work you have to go your Android's options menu and in the location settings choose Only GPS or Only device. You can then select your location by means of the manual search tool or swiping across the map that will appear on your screen.

Hola Fake GPS For Android Download

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