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If you use your smartphone to listen to music whether downloaded in MP3 format or online through Spotify Apple Music or Deezer you can improve your sound experience with the equalizer incorporated by Bass Booster. This application can help you to obtain the best audio quality on an Android device. A graphic equalizer for Android By downloading and installing the APK you'll be able to get hold of a complete set of functions to improve and optimize the sound of your phone or tablet. Nevertheless it comes along with the following functions: 5-band equalizer (or 6 depending on the model of your smartphone). 20 presets. Customizable presets. Widget. Shortcuts from the handset's home screen. Different themes. Task manager. Volume booster. A great way of improving the sound on any smartphone. Regardless of what you listen to: electro techno pop rock metal reggae rap jazz classical music... you can optimize the audio output and enjoy the best quality. And if you've got doubts about how to use it just try out the app: you'll soon see how easy it is to configure an equalization that adapts to your style.

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